Posted by: Jim Bell | February 5, 2011

Rev John McLellan, Kirkcudbright

Mr John M’Lellan had a lady in his parish at Kilcudbright, who was bruited for having fellouship with the Devil. When he had the Sacrament in the parish, he debarred her from the Table; notwithstanding shee came, and when he sau her, he commanded her to rise, otherwise he would exhort none. Shee did indeed rise, but when shee was at the foot of the Table, turned and said, “Can flesh and [blood] endure this?” And after that, she sought ane opportunity to catch ane advantage of him. The Lord also suffered some links of Satan’s chain to be loosed against him, for he was put to such ane agony, that in forty-eight hours he would have burned the sheets he lay in, his heat was soe vehement; yet for all this he was never heard utter a discomposed word, but enjoyed great tranquillity of spirit to the close, and had high raptures of the love of Christ. In the extremity of his agonie, some Christians came to visit [him,] and said, they thought it a strange dispensation, that the Lord should let Satan loose upon him! He answered, he was going to his Father’s house, and he cared not though the Devil wer the officer to give him the summons!

Wodrow’s Analecta 1711

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