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More McClellans “from” Kirkcudbright

From the book “The Scotch-Irish in America : proceedings and addresses of the 1st-10th congress, 1889-1901

Born October 17, 1840; son of Samuel McClellan, M.D., Philadelphia, Pa.; son of James McClellan, Woodstock, Conn., born September 20, 1769; son of Gen. Samuel McClellan, born at Worcester, Mass., January 4, 1730; parents of Gen. Samuel McClellan emigrated from Kirkcudbright, Scotland, date unknown; Samuel McClellan served as ensign and lieutenant in the French and Indian War; was wounded, removed to Woodstock, Conn., served as captain of a troop of horse from 1773-75, commissioned major of Eleventh Connecticut Regiment October 15, 1775, lieutenant-colonel of same December 27, 1776, colonel of same January 23, 1779; brigadier general Fifth Brigade Connecticut Militia, June 10, 1784; served under Washington in New Jersey in 1776.

MCCLELLAND, JOSEPH WILSON, 607 North Eleventh Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 1892.
Born in Upper Strasburg, Franklin County, Pa. MCCLELLAND, THOMAS, Forest Grove, Ore. 1894. Born in Quilly, County Derry, Ireland ; ancestors on both sides Scotch; the first of the name and family to settle in Ireland was John McClelland, a Presbyterian clergyman, who came with many others of like faith to the province of Ulster about the middle of the seventeenth century, there to find that religious freedom which at that time was denied to nonconformists in Scotland; President of Pacific University, Forest Grove, Ore., since September 16, 1891; Professor of Mental Philosophy and Logic for eleven years in Tabor College, Tabor, Ia.

MCCLELLAND, THOMAS S., 417 Superior Street, Chicago, Ill. 1892.
Born at Sharon, Beaver County, Pa.; son of Thomas and Esther (Wilson) McClelland; graduated from Williams College, Mass., in June, 1864; entered Federal army (Sherman’s Command) in Georgia and mustered out in July, 1865; admitted to the bar and commenced practice in June, 1867; grandfather was William McClelland, who settled at Mt. Jackson, Lawrence County (formerly part of Beaver), Pa., in the latter part of the last century, where his father was born; great-grandfather was Thomas McClelland, who from about 1760 to his death, in 1809, lived near Newburg, Cumberland County, Pa.; Presbyterian family; mother’s family were Covenanters; tradition says that the family ancestors passed over into Ireland from Kirkcudbright, Scotland, at a period known as the “Ulster Plantation; ” his maternal grandfather was Robert Wilson, born in North of Ireland; sailed from Belfast, landing at Philadelphia, Pa., in 1775; in October, 1776, he enlisted as a private in Hakirs Boon’s (or Hawkins Boone’s) Company, Twelfth Regiment, Pennsylvania Line, commanded by Col. William Cook; enrolled from Northumberland County, Pa. ; on July 1, 1778, he was transferred to the Third Pennsylvania Regiment of the Line; he was in the battles of Brandywine, Germantown, and other battles of the Revolution; he served four years and four months in the Revolutionary army under Washington ; at close of his military service he married Sarah Friend, in the Path Valley, Eastern Pennsylvania, and moved to South Beaver Township, Beaver County, Pa., where there were born to them eleven children, Esther being the youngest, born in 1807, who married Thomas McClelland about 1830; on April 23, 1818, Robert Wilson, being sixty-nine years old, applied for a pension, which was granted; he died October 2, 1824; see “Records of War and Pension Offices,” Washington, D. C., also “Pennsylvania Archives,” Second Series, Vol. X., pages 764 and 479, also records of probate of his will and estate at Beaver, Beaver County, Pa.; Robert Wilson has descendants living at Beaver Falls, Pa., Lima, O., Darlington, Pa., New Brighton, Pa., and various other places in the United States; in 1820 Robert Wilson filed in the pension office a statement in which he stated “that his family consists of his wife, an old woman, one son twenty-one years old, named Robert, and one daughter thirteen years old, named Esther;” his other children had married or died ; Esther, his mother, was born in 1807.


  1. Henry B. McClellan is the younger brother of my great great grandfather , Ely McClellan , thus he is my gg uncle . The father of General Samuel McClellan was William McClellan who arrived with the ” 5 ships to Boston ” in 1718 . William returned to Ulster or Scotland for his wife , Jean Calhoun , about 1720 and brought her back to Worcester , Mass. . The father of William was James McClellan Sr. . There is confusion at times as the younger brother of William is James Jr. . It is never written Sr. or Jr. .

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