Posted by: Jim Bell | February 10, 2011

The Blind Minister

Scotch piety with its earnest and beautiful features and its hard and bitter ones, is fruitful of anecdotes. A very characteristic one is Professor Blackie’s story of the “grave old man walking to the kirk with a young companion who when the latter dared to remark on the loveliness of the Sabbath morning, ‘It is a beautiful day this’; replied, ‘Yes, indeed, young man, it is a very beautiful day; but is this a day to be talking about days!’” Equally characteristic is the story told of an old woman who when Dr. Thomas Blacklock, the poet, was preaching a trial discourse at Kirkcudbright inquired of a neighbor on the pulpit steps whether the new minister were reading his sermon – an abhorred practice. “He canna be a reader,” said the neighbor, ” for he’s blin’.” “I’m glad to hear it,” said the old woman, ” I wish they were all blin’.”

New York Tribune



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