Posted by: Jim Bell | February 20, 2011

Hills and things

In certain remote districts large stones are found, with rude, though not antique inscriptions, apparently the work of idle or ingenious shepherds. They abound in Galloway. Upon the farm of Knockiebay (near Glenluce) in this district, there is a stone, on the upper side of which are cut the words —

Lift me up, and I’ll tell you more.

Obeying this injunction, many simple people have, at various periods, exerted their strength, in order to discover the expected treasure below, where they only found carved the remaining member of the couplet —

Lay me down, as I was before.

Cairnsmuir o’ Fleet,
Caimsmuir o’ Dee,
And Cairnsmuir o’ Carsphairn,
The biggest o’ the three.

The Sloke, Milnwliarcher, and Craigneen,
The Breska, and Sligna,
They are the five best Crocklet hills
The auld wives ever saw.

Popular rhymes of Scotland : original poems

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