Posted by: Jim Bell | February 24, 2011

Janet Carruthers, Crocketford House.

The University of Toronto Monthly magazine for November 1902 carried a wedding notice for one of its former pupils. The groom was Walter Proudfoot Thomson who obtained his B.A. in 1892 and his M.D. in 1894. His bride was Miss Janet Carruthers of Crocketford House, Crocketford, Scotland.

The IGI lists Janet Carruthers, born in Kirkpatrick Durham parish 2 March 1870, parents Robert Carruthers and his wife Agnes Cunningham.

The 1881 census for Kirkpatrick Durham parish, Crocketford House, has Robert Carruthers, aged 53, born Parton. He is a landed proprietor farming 140 acres. His wife Agnes, aged 42 years and born Kirkpatrick Durham parish is also present as are 5 of their children, but without sign of young Janet who would then be 11 years old.

Walter Proudfoot Thomson was an international football player for his native country of Canada. There is a short biographical note on the website of the Soccer Hall of Fame, Canada, an extract of which is reproduced below.

Dr. Walter Proudfoot Thomson – Born: Toronto, Ontario, 1868. Died: Toronto, January 8, 1932. An outstanding player during the years before the turn of the century. Thomson played for Canada against the United States in 1885 and Scotland in 1888. He was captain of the Canadian teams that toured Britain in 1888 and 1891 and attracted a great deal of attention from a number of English teams who were interested in signing him. However, he turned his back on professional soccer in order to pursue his ambition of becoming a doctor, and was a general practitioner in Toronto for 35 years. For several years the genial ‘Watty’ was the life and soul of Varsity Football. As a player, he was nothing less than a miracle of speed, accuracy and artfulness; as a centre forward he was a model of unselfishness and a phenomenal shot on goal; as a captain he was an inspiration and an ideal to his men. He lived in Toronto with his wife and son Bruce.

Team Canada website
University of Toronto Monthly magazine

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