Posted by: Jim Bell | February 25, 2011

Neilson of Corsock

Sir James Turner likewise endeavoured to preserve the life of Nielson of Corsock, who was executed, after enduring the torture of the boot,—” in which,” says Kirkton, “he screight for pain in terrible manner, so as to have moved a heart of stone.” — ” The Earl of Rothes thinking he was not free enough, commanded to drive the wedges harder; the said Corsock replyed, that although there was not mercy with man, yet there is mercy with God; at which saying Rothes did bite upon his lip, and did laugh, and immediately did sentence him to be hanged at the cross of Edinburgh upon Friday, being the 14th day of December 1666, and his head to be affixed upon the West Port of Edinburgh. After the sentence of death was passed, Sir James Turner made all the friendship he could for Corsock’s life, in respect that he had spared Sir James his life when it was in his power to take it. The aforesaid Mr Alexander Irving, curate in Parktoun, being in Edinburgh, and hearing that Turner was like to get Corsock’s life saved, the said Mr Irving went to the bishops, and told them, that if they spared Corsock’s life, they might as weel let the rest of the prisoners goe, for he was a chief ringleader to that rebellious party in Galloway. But this is worthy of a remark, that the said Mr Irving afterwards, when he was breathing out persecution against the paroch, one morning taking a sudden pain in his head, dyed of a few hours’ sickness, his tongue hanging out of his mouth.”—Account of Neilson of Corsock, Wodrow MSS.

Memorials, or the memorable things that fell out within this island

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