Posted by: Jim Bell | March 4, 2011

Knight’s Templars, Kirkcudbright

The following Knight Templar’s certificate, which is in possession of the Grand Lodge of England, was issued in the last year that Lodges were permitted to work the degree.

“Glory to God in the Highest. Amen.

“We, the Grand Prince, Captain General, &c., &c, &c., of the Invincible and Magnanimous Assembly of Knight’s Templars encamped at Kirkcudbright under the Freemason’s Lodge of St. Cuthbert, from Kilwinning No. 43 on the register of the Grand Lodge of Scotland, do hereby certify that our trusty and well-beloved the worshipful Sir Andrew McDowall was by us duly and regularly admitted and dubbed a Knight of the Most Noble and Christian Order of Knight Templars.

“And that since his induction thereto (so far as is known to us) he hath discharged the relative duties of a Sir Knight Companion with affection and integrity.

“We, therefore, for his very exemplary good conduct and character whilst amongst us, do earnestly recommend him to all valiant Knight’s round the globe. To prevent fraud if this should fall into bad hands, we have caused the true owner to place his name on the margin.

“Given under our hands and seal of our Grand Encampment this 25th August, 1800.

“James Dyson, G.P.
“Samuel Douglas, C.G.
“James Douglas, C. of B.
“James McDowall, C. of R.
“Andrew McDowall, C. of Blue.
“William Johnston, Junr., C. of Outlines.

William Latherdale, Secretary.”

A black ribbon is intermixed in the certificate, which bears a block having a skull, cross-bones, and coffin displayed upon it.

Ars Quatuor Coronatorum, Being the Transactions of the Quatuor Coronati Lodge No 2076, London, 1900

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