Posted by: Jim Bell | December 26, 2011

Oddfellows – M. U., No. 5279. – Funeral of a Member

An Article from the Dumfries & Galloway Standard and Advertiser – June 4th 1870

On Sabbath last, a funeral took place in connection with the Loyal Sir George Abercrombie Lodge of Oddfellows, Castle Douglas, on the occasion of the death of Brother Hugh Dick. At the hour appointed, the brethren, numbering about 40, met in their Lodge-Room, and, after the service on such occasions, marched in procession to the residence of the deceased, at Dildawn, where service was conducted by the Rev. Mr. McKay, Castle Douglas. The procession was then re-formed, the brethren walking in uniform, followed by the hearse, chief mourners, and a great number of gentlemen belonging to the district. At the churchyard nearly one thousand people had assembled to witness the interment, and on the hearse arriving at the gate the coffin was borne on the shoulders of four of the brethren of the Lodge preceded by two brothers of the deceased, who are also members of the Order, followed by his father and other chief mourners, the other members of the Lodge drawing up on each side. On the coffin being lowered into it’s resting place by the immediate friends of the deceased and the officers of the Lodge a service adapted for the occasion was read by P. G. M. G. Black. Sprigs of thyme were dropped on the coffin. After which the procession returned to the Lodge-Room.

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